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At Letzroll Metalworks, where innovation meets the wild, we’ve merged years of off-road vehicle fabrication and racing expertise with our vast experience in designing and manufacturing. The exciting outcome? A product line that’s not only eye catching, but also delivers exceptional performance in the most demanding off-road conditions.

Proudly American, Based in Arizona. Our home base is more than a business location; it’s the source of our designs, proving grounds and the heart of our inspiration.  LM1 stands for quality and innovation.  Our team is comprised of some of the industry’s most talented designers and fabricators.  We live, breathe, and love off-road – and we’re thrilled to journey alongside you on every trail.

Andrew McLaughlin – A Life on Wheels

From a lifelong passion for off-roading, Andrew has not just chased but lived his dream. Under his guidance, Letzroll Offroad evolved into a renowned off-road service center in the South-Western United States, a testament to his dedication of sharing his passion with fellow enthusiasts and building a community akin to family.

John Heiner – Turning What-ifs into Reality

With a design and manufacturing background and experience ranging from Aerospace and Offroad Lighting to CNC machining and injection molding, John has turned his focus to the offroad world. John’s journey reflects his unwavering commitment to turning what-if ideas into quality products.

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